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Purchase before December 31, 2021

Start before March 31, 2022

If you feel like you underperform or are consistently disappointed with your performance, this is what I want you to know. No matter how much talent you have, unless you can manage your thoughts and emotions you won't be able to use all of it.

You might think you need to practice more or work harder. And while improving and rehearsing mechanics is important, it can't conquer the fear, anxiety, disappointment, pressure or frustration that shows up in matches or competition.

I want to assure you that while you might feel like you don't have control of the situation, there is nothing wrong with you. You just don't have a clear plan and path to manage your brain so that you can use all of your skill.

With personal coaching, you discover what is truly holding you back, the skills to manage your brain, tools and tactics to deal with any situation, and a individualized blueprint to move toward your goals. You learn how to build confidence regardless of your performance as you find more peace and calm around the game.

What is the 6+6 Program?

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6 Weekly Calls

When you are ready to start (before 3/31/22), we pick a day and time and connect on Zoom for 50 minutes for 6 weeks. You discover what is holding you back, the formula for solving any problem, the skills to manage your emotions, and the tools to play with calm and confidence.

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+ 6 Flex Calls

You have six 25 minute calls to use whenever you like through June 30, 2022. You can use the calls to best serve you: dive deeper, learn new mental skills, prepare for a tournament, have for a mid-tournament SOS, or post-tournament review. You can even combine them for a full hour call.

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+ 7 Day Support

You don't have to wait until your next call to have support or questions answered. Things come up between calls and I have your back. You have support available through a variety of platforms; email, Voxer, or Slack. Contact me with questions, concerns, or wins you want to share 24/7. Valid until your package is finished.

The Best Work is Done in the Off Season

You don't need a golf course or nice weather to work on your brain.

Bonus Plus, Plus..

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The Mental Game Fix

Get immediate access to The Mental Game Fix, a self-paced program. You learn the step-by-step process to mastering your golf brain so that you can play to you potential. As a private coaching client, you have free access to this program. Use it to supplement the work you do in 1:1 and as a resource to review tools, tactics and concepts discussed in coaching. ($297 value)

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Workshop Session #1

Starting in January of 2022, you have a free virtual seat to the OFF SEASON mental bootcamp workshop series. There a three different topics to prepare you for a successful 2022: 5 Steps to Building a Strong Mental Game, How to REALLY Play to Your Potential, How to Self-Coach in Tournaments. There are multiple calls and coaching within each series. Replays available. ($380 value)

Why it ends on 12/31/21

Three things makes this a limited special offer.

ONE, I only have so much time in my calendar for new clients. So this is first come first serve.

TWO, it just so happens that I have extra programs right now that I can gift you. :)

THREE, this is the first time I have offered the flex program with a flexible start date.

If you have considered coaching with me, working on your mental game, looking to play more to your potential or if you are just miserable with your performance, this is the best package I have offered to date.

AND you can start when you want before March 31, 2022.

I will save a spot in my calendar for you.

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If you have questions or want to find out more if this is the right package for you, sign up for a free 30 minute call to discuss on the link below.

12 calls plus, plus

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